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Buying Property in Turkey with ANTALYA PROPERTY

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Process of Buying Property in Turkey

If you decide to buy a property in Turkey, we kindly request you to contact us before your trip to Turkey to help us prepare your viewing tour with the best property options according to your expectations about your dream property and your budget, and arrange your transportation. Additionally, we request you to bring your passport and 3.000 EUR or USD cash as down payment for the sales contract if you find your desired property.

Day 1: We take you to a viewing tour with the best property options according to your expectations accompanied by a professional sales representative speaking in your mother tongue. If you decide to buy a property during the viewing tour, we prepare a sales contract which contains all the promised conditions of the sale between the seller and the buyer such as property details, payment plan, title deed and key delivery conditions, compensations, forces majeures etc. The viewing tour and the sales contract operations take 1 or more workdays' time which depends completely on the customer.

Day 2: Then, we let translate your passport at Notary Public, receive a tax number for you, and assist you in opening a bank account if you need to transfer your money to Turkey. These operations take a work day's time.

Day 3: If your money is ready and you want to buy it right away, we prepare the seller’s and your documents for the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate, and we make the tapu application. Our special team just working for this process makes the necessary arrangements for the tapu (title deed) delivery. After waiting for your money to be transferred and the result of the application (which takes 3 work days' time a perfect opportunity to enjoy Antalya!), we deliver your title deed!

However, this process may be longer depending on the velocity of your payment and the situation of the construction. Furthermore, as non-Turkish citizens cannot own property near military zones, if the property you would like to purchase does not have a military approval, which is not a common situation in touristic areas, we will have to apply for the military approval for the property before tapu delivery. The approval takes 6 weeks' time because of the map preparation and document transfers among official directorates.

Why Would You Prefer Us?

1. There Are Many Real Estate Agencies, But A Few Of Them Are Professional

In all touristic cities, every taxi driver, receptionist, waiter, or tourism agency guy is a real estate agent. They all have a perfunctory real estate company and a relative or a friend who is constructing or selling apartments. It is very common to hear different stories including fraud, lies, additional costs, lost money etc. When it comes to real estate agencies in Turkey.

2. Non-Turkish Buyers Require Assistance During the Whole Process

When a Turkish citizen decides to buy a property, he or she can get the TAPU (title deed) in 3 work days’ time in Turkey. Turkish citizens can complete the operations regarding abonnements (electricity, water, telephone etc.), property taxes and insurance without special effort right after obtaining the title deed.

However, foreigners require professional help as they do not know how things work. Non-Turkish buyers require quality before and after sales service for;

• The security of their money,
• The arrangements for accommodation and transport,
• Elimination of question marks about the procedure (if there is any),
• The arrangements for bank loan or credit from the construction company if needed,
• Assistance in tax registration operations, and much more.

As this process requires experience and profession, the process can be tiring for a non-Turkish buyer who is in a foreign country with little knowledge about who to trust, where to go, what to do, which documents to prepare etc. As Antalya Homes, we have you covered with years of experience and profession in the Turkish real estate industry.

General Facts of Buying Property in Turkey

In Turkey, foreigners are permitted to buy property since 2004, and the property sales to foreigners increase year by year since then. According to Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate’s report, only 1.500 properties were sold to foreigners in 2004. In 2015, this number had gone up to 14.000.

The only restriction applied to foreigners is that non-Turkish citizens cannot own property near military zones. Additionally, foreigners need to obtain Residence Permit for each resident in the property and renew it annually. Apart from that, non-Turkish property owners have the same rights as Turkish citizens. Foreigners own the land share of the property without any time limitation, and they can pass the rights of the property to their bloodline. Non-Turkish owners’ right to the property is kept at all times.