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Flats for Sale in Turkey

The Rapid Development of the Flat in Turkey for Sale Sector

Turkey has established a connection through a bridge with Europe. Turkey is ahead of other countries in many aspects with historical and tourism. There are a historical monument, tourist venue and a different taste in every city. Turkey is a friendly and warm country. Turkey has many important straits. Many Turkish real estates like the Turkey flats for sale around these straits have an important place in the world real estate market.

Since the establishment of the Republic has been displayed close attention to the flats for sale in Turkey. Necessary Legal arrangements have been made in each period to improve the sector. Urban transformation projects, the construction companies receive auctions from abroad and small-scale contractors constitute the foundation stones of developing the real estate sector in Turkey over the last 10 years. This sector is growing day by day with the quality projects and ultra lux Turkey villas for sale and it’s taking a major role in the development of the national economy.

Flats for Sale in Turkey

Buy flat in Turkey is seen as an investment vehicle and there are two reasons for this situation. The first reason, buy a flat is seen as an alternative to gold. The second reason, reducing side effects of monetary policy in times of economic recession. Because low-interest rates easier to buy apartment in Turkey. Also, residential investments have advantages compared to other investment vehicles. Flat in Turkey for sale provides high gains and buy a flat is an investment tool fully insurable. In addition to price increases and tax advantages, insuring of the apartment will be a risk-free investment for you. Today, many banks and construction companies are giving credit for purchasing an investment. Most people are also making invest by buying apartments with credit. Demand increases to residential investments, total investments are also increasing. This supports the growth of the overall economy.

Those who think for a long-term investment, local and foreign citizens who dream of a life in their own Turkey house are turning to new real estate projects. As a consequence, sectoral expansion is gaining momentum. Luxury flats in Turkey offer great potential for investors with the preexisting condition, strategic plans and prudential projects.

Interest to the Flats Turkey by Foreigners

Turkey has a strong growth potential and dynamic population. The interest in the flats Turkey and investments in Turkey of foreigners are increasing day by day. Turkey is one of the world's leading holiday resorts. Over 30 million tourists visit Turkey annually. Especially Antalya real estate market has drawn the attention of the whole world.

Started to show the effect of Rule of Reciprocity in Turkey. Rule of Reciprocity helped in order to get flat for sale in Turkey of foreigners. Real estate fairs held in Turkey and abroad gave impetus to the flat in Turkey purchase. Today, there are most Arab investors in Turkey. Arabs quite were enlivened the Turkey flat for sale market. The orientation of Arab tourists to Turkey makes an important contribution to the national economy. Arabs are doing 3 times more shopping according to the Europeans. Arabs provides a significant contribution to many sectors. One of them is the Turkey real estate sector with the unique properties in Istanbul and Antalya. The number of Arab tourists is quite high who wish to have a luxury flat in Turkey.

In addition to all these, according to data from the General Directorate of Land Registers, most British and the Russians has purchased flat in Turkey. There are many flats in Turkey and these flats belong to 36.478 British and 13.590 Russian. Also, 13.192 German, 8.272 Norwegian, 5.945 Irish, 5.543 Danish, 5.538 Dutch, 4.803 Iraqi, 4.672 Belgian, 4.039 Kuwaiti bought flat Turkey. Generally, these countries are interested in Antalya, İstanbul and Alanya properties.

Especially, 3 months to 1-year extension of residence permit offers many advantages;

- Extension of the period, it helps to live longer in flat for sale Turkey.

- Buy property in Turkey will become more attractive for foreigners.

- The Increased demands of foreigners can be achieved with the residence permit increase.

- In this context, the annual sales of $ 10 billion are expected.

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