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Houses for Sale in Turkey | Houses in Turkey

It's Very Easy to Own House for Sale in Turkey

How to buy a house in Turkey? The answer to this question is very easy with us. Firstly, buying a house in Turkey as foreign is simple and easy. Turkish law allows you to buy home in Turkey in designated places with the recent changes. We will help you in the fields of the payments, buying, and contract.

Before you buy a house for sale in Turkey, you need to decide what you are looking for. Would you like a property in Istanbul center, Antalya house with a mountain view or near the beach in Turkey? Antalya Property is the best place to search for houses for sale. Antalya property website is always up to date. You can look for a fresh offers for 2016, 2017 and 2018 on our Istanbul, Alanya and Antalya real estate listings. Also, you can find most cheap houses for sale in Turkey with Antalya Property website.

The Reasons Why the Foreigners Choosing Turkey;

- Geographical and natural beauties in Turkey
- Civility and hospitality of the Turkish people
- Standards of living and affordable property prices in Turkey
- Turkey and the unique view of houses in Turkey
- The amazing mountains of Turkey and monasteries in the mountains
- Houses in the mountain / Chalets
- The breathtaking lakes
- The worldwide famous mosques
- Castles and views of the castle
- Archeological treasures underlying of the country's
- Historic artifacts and values in Turkey
- Turkish cuisine

Houses for Sale in Turkey

Why Do Foreigners Want to Buy House in Turkey?

Turkey is a real tourism paradise which attracts a big amount of tourists from all around the world every year. The rich culture and special history, climate, local delicacies one of the must-visit places for travelers. Turkey is considered to be one of the most popular places to buy a house. Today, many foreigners are buying a house in Turkey for sale due to the holiday or the retirement. Foreign buyers generally prefer to spacious, comfortable projects like the Turkey villas with private pool. At the beginning of the criteria, they are looking for comes the sea view or mountain view luxury houses for sale Turkey. Also, house prices in Turkey and life in Turkey are very reasonable when you compare it with the European countries.

Make sure that, buy house in Turkey will make you feel good. If you desire to luxury and reasonable a lifestyle for yourself, you can find luxury houses for sale Turkey in Antalya Property pages.

Characteristics of Turkey Houses for Sale

Traditional Turkey houses are more fancy than the standard Turkey apartments. Today, Turkish houses are considered as the architectural style. This style has shown itself first in the 17th century during the Ottoman Period. Historic and traditional houses in Turkey takes you to another timezone. Turkish houses don't fit a certain mold. These houses vary, depending on the place and time. But, the main features of Turkish houses always remains constant. Turkey houses for sale usually multi-storey. These houses consist of minimum two floors. The ground floors of houses exit to the street through a garden or yard. Cedars and wardrobes are among the indispensables of houses. The roof is pitched from the four sides and there aren’t a lot of indentations. Eaves has been kept wide and horizontal. The ceiling is divided as geometrically and sometimes shaped with paint. One of the important characteristics of Turkey house is the use of the room. Cedars are placed at the edge of the rooms. Each room has been established in accordance with each function. Houses for sale in Turkey usually located far from the other real estates. Today, houses for sale have many features like outdoor or indoor swimming pools, Turkish bath, sauna, jacuzzi, barbecue, large garden, car parking area and security camera system. Especially houses in Mediterranean region like properties for sale in Alanya were built as extreme luxury and fully-equipped real estates in touch with nature.

The prices of houses in Turkey varies according to the age and location of the house. That's why, don't be afraid of the cheap houses. Many cheap houses in Turkey for sale has been designed in a luxurious and quality way or it has recently been restored.

You can find suitable Turkey house for sale for your budget by contacting with us. The only thing you need to do for this - visit the our "Real estate Turkey" page. If you want to get more information, please fill in the contact form in the right column.

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