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Land for Sale in Turkey | Buy Land in Turkey

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If you want to buy land in Turkey, Antalya Property is the correct address. Because we are finding solutions for your needs in a professional manner. Antalya Property follows the continuously emerging real estate market and offers you options of a variety real estate in Turkey. Our company always collects information like improved lands, new zoning regions and farmlands. We keep the current portfolios on our website by evaluating development trends. There are many options like land for sale in Alanya, Antalya and Istanbul on this listing page.

What are the Advantages of Owning Land in Turkey?

Land for Sale in Turkey

1- Turkey is a developing city in real estate sector with luxury and quality Turkey flats for sale. Every year there is a domestic and foreign migration to Turkey from around the world. Due to increasing population, supply and demand, were made continuous new investments like hotels, schools, housing and shopping malls. This situation provides the continuous increase in property Turkey prices and provides making premium.

2- Land investments are not very flexible in terms of price, unlike the other real estates. Real estate prices in Turkey are constantly changing due to the market conditions but land prices are not affected by market conditions. The price of land for sale in Turkey varies very slowly and systematically. But new investments near your land can increase very quickly the land prices and it enables you to get a very good profit.

3- Land investments does not require any extra care or spending unlike to other properties like apartments for sale Turkey. Land for sale Turkey usually has building permission and road access, connections to water, electricity and gas. So, costs of land investments are low.

If you want to own property in Turkey, we recommend you to buy a land. Then you can build a home or commercial property according to the permission of your land. Today, investors are building a detached luxury villas in Turkey with private facilities for holiday by purchasing land. Lastly, you can also rent your land or you can evaluate by selling after waiting a while.

What Should You Look for When Buying Land in Turkey?

General state of the land: Zoned lands is more expensive than unplanned lands. Most of the time the prices for unplanned lands are very low. Actually, it can not call a land to unplanned land. There are many risks of unplanned land. When making zoning application, 35 % of the land is taken as free for road and free public service buildings. Even, the municipality will receive 45 % share with the legal regulations in the near future. Also, your land may be expropriated with the amendments to the zoning plan. When buying land in Turkey, you should prefer lands having building permission. Never forget the zoning permit is usually 5 percent in rural areas. Therefore, you should buy a minimum 5 acres land. Be careful when buying land in the forest villages. For example, only 6-7 % acres from 20 % can be deeded. If the reconstruction permits, check the construction permit of the land. You should investigate whether to residential, commercial, office or social services area. Because you can not do business center in the housing zone and you can not do also residential in the trading area.

Location: The region is very important while investment in land for future premium. According to us, take land from the developed areas allows you to gain in the medium and long term. There are projects like housing or hotel for sale in Turkey that appeal to quality and high-income groups in the areas of the planned urbanization. The urbanization regions will be more popular thanks to these projects. Buy land close to major projects is always profitable. Even, land prices rise more rapidly in planned urbanized areas. In addition, the sales of land are easier in this region. Necessarily choose lands that are close to the government agencies like the hospital, school, municipalities, prefecture. The businesses and homes for sale Turkey in this region will provide high gain in a short period of time and the hire also it will be very easy. If you are determined to take the land, you should prefer regions to be developed. For example, many land options like land for sale in Antalya, Istanbul and Alanya will gain value after 20 years.

Premium potential: Another issue to be considered - the land is the premium potential. It does not end opportunities in land investments. Therefore, you must determine to the right spot each period for profitable investment. The demand increases for residential and commercial building construction in the fast-growing urban areas. The demand will also upgrade land and house prices in Turkey. For this reason, you should prefer fast-growing provinces for land investment. For example, land for sale in Istanbul promises huge premium for the future. Transportation and infrastructure directly affect the value of the land. Therefore, it needs to be completed the infrastructure services of land. The road facade and facade width of the land are very important. If you don't pay attention to these,your investment will be a dead investment.

We are doing all this research for you. If you want to own land in Turkey, please visit our page.

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