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Apartments for sale in Turkey with Credit | Payment Plan Available Properties

Property for Sale by Installments in Turkey

If you want to buy an apartment in Turkey with credit, you can easily find an apartment for sale by installments in Antalya, Alanya and Istanbul with the professional our team. Many options for property for sale by installments in Turkey are listed on this page for you.

Turkey is developing rapidly about being the best in real estate and tourism sector and it makes an important link between Europe and the Middle East. Turkey hosts the tourists every year. Turkey is one of the finest countries in the world for living with rich facilities. Tourists who coming to the holiday, want to buy a home for sale in Turkey. Today property investments in Turkey are seen as attractive and fertile.

Turkey Property for Sale with Credit

Important points of buying property in Turkey are as follows:

- Warm Mediterranean climate
- Economic potential
- Improved transportation opportunities
- Better and low-cost living conditions
- Low house prices in Turkey which are compared to real estate prices in the European countries
- Mortgage, low-interest housing loans and credit facilities from the construction company

Turkey is one of the countries where the most intense of foreign investments. The number of foreigners who want to property for sale by payment plan is too much at the present time. Also, it's also possible to find Turkey property for sale with credit from the construction company in Turkey. There are many opportunities in Turkey for the mortgage, housing loans and credit by builder. All laws related to legislation and credits are updated each passing day. Even, buying a property in Turkey by installment and house sales by credit from builder have become easier in 2016. These opportunities will continue to evolve also in 2017 and 2018.

There are 2 different types of mortgage for having a real estate in Turkey for sale. Please don't be worried about. Antalya Property will help you to find out how you can use these credits.

1- Credit from the Construction Company

There is a great opportunity to get credit directly from the construction company in Turkey. This process is extremely easy. All you need is a sales contract with the construction company where all payment details are written. There are no additional documents, paperwork and costs required.

The advantages of the apartments with credit from construction company in Turkey

Apartments for sale by credit offer many advantages. For example;

- You can get the key with 50% down payment anytime
- You can take your title deed on your behalf with 70% down payment
- Direct credit and interest-free loan advantages
- There is no file charges and expertise costs

Here is an example - apartments for sale by payment plan;

Let’s say you will buy a property for 60.000 Euro. You may pay the remaining amount up to 12 and 60 months without interest after paying %50 of the sales price. (Payable cash rate is dependent on the construction firms here.) Usually, you must pay min. 30% max. 50 % down payment for a Turkey flat for sale by installment.

If you want to buy a real estate with credit from construction company, Antalya Property is right to address. Because we are working with reliable and known construction companies in Antalya. Antalya Property offers many special deals like apartments or villas with payment plan for you. Just think! You will have best villas in Turkey with private pool with installment. We think it's a good idea.

2- Mortgage from the Bank

If you find your dream home, need a bank loan for this. With reliable and professional Antalya Property team, you can be easily used the housing loans and you can have your dream houses by installmentsHow to buy a house in Turkey? You don't think it. You can buy a house with confidence with the help of the Antalya Property from the banks.

Mortgage applications are increasing in Turkey every day. If you want to own a home using to mortgage in Turkey, the must prepare all documents required for this.

Necessary Application Documents for Mortgage

Personal documents;

- Identity proof (identity card, driving license or passport)
- T.R. identity number and T.R. tax identification number (personal)
- Residency certificate
- Address, phone
- List of salaries
- Tax certificate for self-employed persons

Documents for property;

- Property address
- Title deed
- Occupancy permit
- Copies of the construction license

If all these documents are ready, you can make credit application to the bank. The preliminary approval comes max. 4-5 days later from the bank. The bank sends an expert to home for real estate valuation. The bank loan is approved after the expert evaluation. Then all necessary documents are prepared and application for title deed is made.

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