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Property Prices in Antalya | Apartment Prices in Antalya

Real Estate Market in Antalya is Growing

House sales across Turkey showed an increase compared to the previous year by the end of 2015. Residential sales reached 1.289.320 with the last year 11% increase and Turkey had broken the record of the of the history of the republic. Despite all the negativity in Turkey, housing sales have continued to increase in recent years. Real estate experts said more will increase to housing sales in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Antalya is constantly growing. Today, Antalya has 2.288.456 population. Antalya is expected to be one of the most populous cities in 2023 with 4.5 million population. Antalya is one of Turkey's most important tourism centers. Fundamentals of Antalya's economy is based on tourism. There are modern and traditional tourism investments in Antalya. Antalya properties for sale draws the attention of investors from the overseas and domestic. Antalya offers to the people job opportunities high-quality living standards. This situation also strengthens to Antalya in terms of housing investment. Profitability and investments in housing belonging to the sector are increasing with the rising demands for housing. Sales made to local and foreign customers in Antalya increased in recent years. Today, the number of foreign homeowners in Antalya is over 40 thousand. The cost of living is considerably lower than in many other foreign countries.

Many factors like the suitability of the climate, transportation facilities, G20 Summit, Expo 2016, Bogacay Project and urban transformation projects are increasing the city's appeal. When demand is high, the real estate prices in Antalya are rising.

Property Prices in Antalya

House Prices in Antalya Increased By 20%

House prices in Antalya began to rise with new developments. The high costs of land are the biggest factor due to the expensive of construction materials. Land production in town becomes possible with the urban transformation. Housing prices have doubled in reconstructed buildings within the scope of urban transformation. When old buildings are demolished and renewed, housing prices are automatically increasing. Also, many new will be made investments like the shopping mall, hospital, road, bridge and branded residential projects are pushing up prices. If real estate prices are high for your budget, you can build a house by buying land in Turkey.

Analysis of Antalya Regions

New housing projects in Antalya are being built on the streets of Konyaalti, Uncali, Lara, Kepez and Bogacay. With housing projects, commercial shops for sale are also seeing high demand in these regions. Property prices in Antalya can vary according to the housing types and demands.

High-income families choose places close to Konyaalti beach while the buying a house in Antalya for sale. According to real estate experts, Konyaalti is one of Antalya's most preferred regions. Konyaalti is the particular focus of those who want invest in housing in the city center. Residential investments in the region have a modern architecture and it's located in the complex with pool, indoor parking and security. The square meter prices of housings in Konyaalti starts from 2.000 TL. Other high-income people prefers to Lara coast band in housing demand. Lara region has also a big potential for investors with proximity to the sea. Lara continues to draw the attention of investors in the housing market with the prestigious complexes. Even, companies in the region are gaining importance with the opening of several shopping centers in recent years. Investments in the tourism sector in the area of Kundu, makes Lara one of the most valuable district. The square meter prices of housings in Lara starts from 2.500 TL. New investors in the housing sector intensify in Kepez region. The cheapest housings in Antalya are located in Kepez. This region appeals to middle and lower income groups. Kepez is more attractive for the risk-averse investors and those looking for cheap apartments in Antalya. The square meter prices of housings in Kepez starts from 1.200 TL.

Even though the apartment prices in Antalya are variable, real estates in Antalya offers you 300 days of the sunshine and high-income potential.

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