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Shops for Sale in Turkey | Commercial Property in Turkey

Antalya Property offers professional services in purchase and sale transactions in Turkey. We are watching the regular developments in Turkish real estate market. There are many investment opportunities like the shop for sale with rental income, office with the guaranteed rental income and hotel for sale in Turkey in this listing page. Antalya Property will help you about the commercial property in Alanya, Antalya and Istanbul. Please note that All investment offers are special for Antalya Property.

General State of the Turkey's Economy

Turkey is a Eurasian country and it's surrounded by the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey is accepted as the passage between Europe and Asia continents. Today, Turkey has 783.562 km² total area and 78 million population. Turkey has recently become one of the most popular center of the world with the natural beauties, amazing historical, archeological places, Turkey villas with private pool, luxury mansions, trade and tourism infrastructure. Despite ancient cultures, Turkey is a rapidly developing modern country.

The economy of Turkey is provided by agriculture, industry, Turkey property, tourism and natural resources. Turkey has the world's 18th and Europe's 7th largest economy. Turkey is a free market economy for reasons such as competition rules and liberal foreign trade policy. Turkey gives great importance to the structural reforms in the economy in recent years. Privatization process has accelerated in the last period. Turkey is followed by growth-oriented trade policy since the 1980’s. Import restrictions have been removed, protectionist policies are reduced and foreign exchange transactions was released by the new economic reforms. Volume and structure of the foreign trade have changed greatly with the economic reforms implemented in recent years. Turkey's trade volume reached 351 billion US dollars in 2015 and export is also realized as 144 billion US dollars. The main goal is to overcome the mark of 500 million US dollars for export to the year 2023, it is the centenary year of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey.

Foreign Investors are Waiting in Line to Buy Commercial Property for Sale in Turkey

Shops for Sale in Turkey | Commercial Property in Turkey

Turkey's successful economic performance, young population, dynamic workforce, improved infrastructure, liberal and reformist investment climate, advantageous geographical position, low tax rates, high-quality Turkey homes for sale,  large internal market and Customs Union with the EU offers significant opportunities for foreign investors. Also, Turkey has an advantageous position thanks to the fundamental economic reforms implemented in the last decade. Appropriate legal infrastructure has been prepared for foreign investors to invest in Turkey. Today, legal reforms and low property prices in Turkey provide a safe environment for foreign investment. There is a serious increase in a number of foreign investors coming to Turkey in the recent year. Turkey's foreign investors are EU and the US countries like Germany, England and Spain from the west. Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Thailand from the east. Especially foreigners are coming to buy Turkey house for sale or commercial property for sale in Turkey and they're making very conscious making the investment. Foreign investors are looking at the commercial properties for sale for major investment projects like shop, housing estate, hotel and factory. Even, they are usually buying commercial property in Antalya and Istanbul.

By year-end, 46 thousand foreign companies are operating in Turkey. There is also liaison office in our country of 916 foreign companies. By the end of 2015, the total amount of foreign direct investment in the country has exceeded 165 billion dollars. 2015 is a record year in the commercial property in Istanbul sector. With commercial properties, land for sale Turkey options are also of great interest. According to the research, Turkey will be more successful in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Commercial Property is More Valuable in Turkey

Commercial real estates are gaining more value from the flats Turkey because of the cost advantage. Therefore, the most logical investment in short and long term is commercial properties with valuable tenants. For this, you need to make the right commercial real estate investments at the right time with the model of appropriate funding. People who make the residential investment, they will see the better value of commercial real estates like office, shop, plaza and industrial buildings.

Why Commercial Property in Turkey?

- Commercial real estates provide annual rental income like 6 % and 12 %.
- Commercial real estates are gaining a higher value in the long term.
- Tenant pays all expenses related to the depreciation in commercial real estates.
- Your ownership rights are better protected in the commercial real estates.
- Rents of commercial real estate generally would 5-10 years.
- Commercial shops for sale are less affected in case of the financial crisis than apartments for sale in Turkey.
- Commercial real estate using less capital gives a higher return.

If you want to buy a shop for sale in Turkey – please contact us.

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